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Life in The Slow lane

07-17-2017 Posted by Dell Life in The Slow lane… I don’t like the fast lane. It isn’t that I can’t see the advantage of the fast lane and getting wherever the hell it is you need to get in the fastest possible time. I can. I just don’t agree with it anymore. When I was […]

The Zombie Plagues 3

The Zombie Plagues 3…   This material is copyright © 2017 Geo Dell and is used here with permission Watertown, New York They came from the hill. They came from the many graveyards that dotted the city where they had hidden in fear. They came from the surrounding countryside and made the journey to the small […]

Writers and how we think

Writers and how we think Writing Posted by Geo Writers… We often sit around and think things like this… “It was a warm winter that year…” No, no, no… Hmm… “It was the winter of our…” No, already used… Damn… “Winter came quickly to the north country as it was wont to do. My brother and I […]


THE ZOMBIE KILLERS SMASHWORDS #Zombies #DellSweet #Ebooks By Dell Sweet The Zombie Killers are a group formed by some of the original survivors. They are first based out of the Nation in one of the safe zones. Bear, partnered with Beth, and Billy partnered with Pearl are the first teams that actively bring the fight […]


ZOMBIE    “Yeah? I think you like the idea of me… I think it might even hold together in a situation like this… At least for a while. And I think you could talk me into that comfort we could give each other, and I think you would feel completely different about me once that […]

The Original Survivors: On The Road

The Original Survivors: On The Road. The destruction is over, now it is time to pick up what pieces remain. Some who have survived are on the road looking for safety… THE ORIGINAL SURVIVORS ON THE ROAD The Original Survivors: On The Road is copyright © 2017 Dell Sweet. All rights foreign and domestic reserved […]

Dreamers: The book of Memories

Dreamer’s Preview Posted by Geo, June 22, 2019 12:28:52 This is an excerpt from the Dreamer’s  book, Geo This is copyright protected property. If you wish to have some one read this please do not copy and redistribute this work; point the reader to this page. Copyright 2019 Dell Sweet ~ In The Sunlight: The […]

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