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Life Stories: Candace and Mike

Life Stories: Candace and Mike

The planet Earth is about to experience an extinction event. Most of the world will be gone when it is finished, but some will survive. Candace and Mike are two of those survivors. They find each other and gather more survivors to them as they begin searching for a safe place to begin again. A place that can thrive amid all of the destruction.
Follow along in this epic tale as they make their way through a devastated world and face danger at nearly every turn. Death, more destruction, gangs, the dead and the lack of any government or help that might come their way, teach them that they must depend on only each other and the small group they are bringing together under the flag of a new nation. Not all will make it to see that new nation and it may not be everything they wished it to be, but they are determined to create it from the ruins of society and make it work…

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