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A little humor and some book links for you

A little humor… Okay. Well, today is Saturday and it is time for the test results from last weeks test. As you don’t know, because my secretary didn’t send it out, I have been doing a test to prove or disprove the theory that you can think yourself thin. Of course my secretary is Houdini, […]


THE ZOMBIE KILLERS SMASHWORDS #Zombies #DellSweet #Ebooks By Dell Sweet The Zombie Killers are a group formed by some of the original survivors. They are first based out of the Nation in one of the safe zones. Bear, partnered with Beth, and Billy partnered with Pearl are the first teams that actively bring the fight […]

America the Dead Podcast: Episode 6

America the Dead Podcast: On Apple. Join me on Mondays for new episodes, and consider hitting the like button or following if you like this free series. Thanks for coming to my page, I’ll see you again next week, Dell… America the Dead Podcast: Episode 6. A new episode is available every Monday; read by […]

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