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Do our cats eat better than we do?

Have you ever been on your way to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich, with jelly of course, at 1:30 A.M. and of course you just get the bread out and the noise of the plastic wrapper alerts the cats, and they are on you like… Well, cats on people with food. So, […]

Zombie Fall: Read by the author

Zombie Fall: Geo lived alone outside the small city of Watertown. In early fall things began to get weird, dead crows, something was living in the barn, he just couldn’t catch it to see what it was. Strange noises in the night, and then one day the young woman who helped him do his shopping […]

Frequent Walker

Premiers today on YouTube… I wrote this song in one shot, most of it came as fast as I could write it. I understood what it was as I wrote it, although the lyrics are slightly obscure, or seemed to me to be (I’ve since been told by readers that it’s not so obscure but […]

Romeo and Juliet cover

A cover of Romeo and Juliet. The guitar I used is an Ovation I custom-built for studio recording. It has a bridge under piezo and two soundboard mounted piezos along with a single humbucker. A Blue Snowball mic. for voice. It’s a straight acoustic cover with voice.

You Tubers

YouTubers I have my own YouTube channel, but aside from some modeling builds, book videos and some of my own music there isn’t much there. It seems to me a few years ago I looked at YouTube, and although it was great for a few minutes of distraction it didn’t really appeal to me that […]

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